What is the roadmap for pyro?


Really excited to use pyro and thank you for this great library. What can we expect in terms of features for the next release? What’s in the roadmap?


Pyro is developed in the open on GitHub, so you can track and participate in our plans and discussions in the issues and pull requests there. As we approach releases, we try to be more diligent about collecting issues and PRs into GitHub milestones. We’re planning on releasing a new minor version (0.2.1) next week. We’re also planning a new major version (0.3.0) in a month or so, though that may be pushed back depending on what features we decide to include.

We’ll post more comprehensive release notes on GitHub and this forum upon release, but the biggest new user-facing feature in Pyro 0.2.1 is poutine.broadcast, a tool for automatically vectorizing models and inference computations like evaluating loss functions over multiple latent variable samples in SVI.

In general, we develop Pyro as a community project, so if there are features or changes you’d like to see included, we encourage you to jump in and open an issue or pull request!


Thank you. Really exciting!