TruncatedNormal gives Inf in the mean prediction

I am trying to infer parameters of a ODE describing some concentration of chemical components. I can measure these concentrations and I know they cannot be negative. For this, I want to use TruncatedNormal distribution over the observations.

numpyro.sample("Y", dist.TruncatedNormal(np.array(concentrations), sigma, low=0), obs=Y)

But when I do that, I get Inf in the mean prediction. I thought there could be a 1/0 somewhere, so I tried to set low=10^-3 but it did not work.
If instead, I use the Normal distribution I do not have this problem.
What could cause this issue?

have you tried HalfNormal instead?

Yes, I still get Inf

what happens to the inferred latent variables? it will likely be hard/impossible to provide useful suggestions unless you post a complete runnable piece of code

Thanks martinjankowiak as always,

At the end I do not think I need the HalfNormal anymore. In case I encounter on the same problem again I will let you know