Substitute() breaks for lda model

I am running a plain vanilla latent dirichlet allocation model with Numpyro, and I am interested in investigating results once I fix the topic concentration (beta) parameters. I have noticed that 1) if I use substitute() or condition() trying to substitute in a site that does not actually exist in the model, the model runs from scratch and does not throw any error. This can be quite confusing, so I was wondering whether it is intentional; 2) if I substitute in a site that does exist, condition() works while substitute() breaks. As i want to treat beta parameters as data, I thought substitute() would be the most appropriate here, so I wonder what I am doing wrong.

Here the model:

def hmc_simple_model(W, K, alpha, eta):
    D, V = jnp.shape(W)
    N = W.sum(axis = 1)

    with numpyro.plate("topics", K):
        # topic-word distributions
        beta = numpyro.sample("beta", dist.Dirichlet((eta) * jnp.ones([V])))
    with numpyro.plate("docs", D):
        # document-topic distributions
        theta = numpyro.sample("theta", dist.Dirichlet(alpha*jnp.ones([K])))
    ThetaBeta = jnp.matmul(theta, beta)
    distMultinomial = dist.Multinomial(total_count = N, probs = ThetaBeta)
    with numpyro.plate("hist", D):
        numpyro.sample("obs", distMultinomial, obs = W)

Minimal code for data simulation:

D = 200 # n. documents
V = 3000 # n. terms in the vocabulary
eta = 0.2 # hyperparameter for topic concentrations
alpha = 1 # hyperparameter for document distributions
K = 10 # number of topics

# topic-term distributions
beta = dist.Dirichlet(eta * jnp.ones([V])).expand([K]).sample(Key(8))

# document-topic distributions
theta = dist.Dirichlet(alpha * jnp.ones([K])).expand([D]).sample(Key(89))

thetabeta = jnp.matmul(theta,beta)
N = jnp.floor(dist.Uniform(100,200).expand([D]).sample(Key(2)))

# doc-term matrix 
W = dist.Multinomial(total_count = N, probs = thetabeta).sample(Key(20))

Minimal code for running the model:

n_warmup = 500
n_samples = 500

# substitute (or condition) with non-existent site: this runs
hmc_model_sub = condition(hmc_simple_model, {"not_a_site" : 5})
nuts_kernel_sub = NUTS(hmc_model_sub)
mcmc_sub = MCMC(nuts_kernel_sub, num_warmup=n_warmup, 
                num_samples=n_samples) = Key(75), W = W, eta=eta, K=K, alpha=alpha)

# substitute with existent site: this does not run (while condition runs)
hmc_model_sub = substitute(hmc_simple_model, {"beta" : beta})
nuts_kernel_sub = NUTS(hmc_model_sub)
mcmc_sub = MCMC(nuts_kernel_sub, num_warmup=n_warmup, 
                num_samples=n_samples) = Key(75), W = W, eta=eta, K=K, alpha=alpha)

And below the error I get when trying substitute() with an existent site:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 21.09.31

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It is a bit tricky to explain why the error happens. For your usage case, I believe that condition is what you want (substitute plays no role in defining a model but it can be used for intervention - like what you did). I’ll add a fix to bypass the error (by telling init strategies skip those substituted sites - please help me open a github issue for this :smiley: because it would be nice to have a better error message) but I think that it is not what you want.

I guess you can also use block to block the beta site (this solution is faster than the condition solution)

hmc_model_sub = block(
    substitute(hmc_simple_model, {"beta" : beta}), hide=["beta"])
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The difference between condition and substitute is a little unclear in the documentation. And Pyro does not have a substitute poutine, I think, so it may be worth clarifying further.

Would it be also possible to write

hmc_model_sub = block(
    condition(hmc_simple_model, {"beta" : beta}), hide=["beta"])

and if so, should the performance be similar?

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Yes, the performance should be similar, and using block(condition(...)) is better. substitute is mainly used by internal algorithms and we won’t recommend using it for modeling. Under the hood, condition makes sure that the conditioned sample site is observed, as mentioned in docs.


Just to clarify, the github issue would be about allowing substitute to work directly without the need for block, or about throwing a better error when it does not work directly?

I think the issue is to raise a better error/warning message when an init strategy is used with a substituted model.