Subsampling in nested plate with varying size


I have a model with two plates D and N. The size of the N plate depends on the value of d. Now I want to do subsampling along the N plate. Is this possible in Pyro? I cannot specify the plate size, because it depends on d.


I think you can use mask to make your tensors have consistent shapes.

Could you elaborate?

For example assume I have
d = 0, N_0 = 15
d = 1, N_1 = 13
d = 2, N_2 = 16
d = 3, N_3 = 14

I could make the N plate have size 16 and use only the subsampled indices <= N_d, but then I’d have different subsample sizes.

I think you need to use a fixed subsample size. I’m not sure how to set different subsample sizes for a particular plate.

with plate("d", size=d):
    with plate("N", size=max(N_i), subsample_size=3):
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note also that you don’t need to use plates to do subsampling. instead you can define your model without plates, handle subsampling outside of svi.step(), pass in subsampled data to step() and make sure that sample statements are properly weighted given the subsampling you’re doing by using poutine.handlers.scale

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