Should the gibbs_fn in HMCGibbs take in constrained or unconstrained variables?

Quick question about HMCGibbs, are the gibbs_sites and hmc_sites variables passed into the gibbs_fn in the constrained or unconstrained space for the model. Similarly, should it return the gibbs_sites in the constrained or unconstrained space?

The documentation is a bit vague on this point and I can’t really follow what is happening in the source code very well (my guess is everything is in the unconstrained space, but it is hard to tell).

constrained. see example.

Thanks for the clarification.

I will point out that in the example the constrained and unconstrained are the same, which is why I asked for clarification (assuming you are talking about the example in the docs and not a different example someplace).

please feel free to make a pull request clarifying. it would be an unfortunate API choice if the user were expected to transform between unconstrained and constrained.