Pyro @ NIPS 2017

Hey Pyro Community!

Going to be at NIPS this year? We’ll be having a casual Pyro Meetup on Wednesday December 6, 12:30-2:00 PM. Location: Bogart & Co. inside the convention center between Hall C and the Pacific ball room (poster area). This will include members of the Pytorch team and other academic collaborators.

We’ll also be giving a workshop talk on Dec 9 at 12:15 PM on using Pyro to build machine learning models. Hope to see you there!

Would you be so kind as to publish the materials that you showed at NIPS 2017?

you can find the jupyter notebook that accompanied the talk in the nips-2017 branch on github in the examples/nips2017 folder. you should also be able to run the notebook directly on azure here (without needing to install anything):

Anything similar happening at ICML 2018?

We have no formal Pyro events at ICML 2018, but we’re happy to meet for a coffee or chat at the Uber booth. @jpchen, @martinjankowiak, @karalets, and @fritzo are attending.