pyro.infer.Predictive with dynamic model structure

I could be wrong (this is common) but it seems as though pyro.infer.Predictive doesn’t support dynamic model structure.

def model(): 
    choice = pyro.sample("choice", dist.Categorical(probs=0.5 * torch.ones(2))) 
    if choice == 0: 
        # normal model 
        mu = pyro.sample("mu", dist.Normal(0, 1)) 
        sigma = pyro.sample("sigma", dist.Exponential(1)) 
        symm = pyro.sample("symm", dist.Normal(mu, sigma)) 
        return symm 
    elif choice == 1: 
        # exponential model 
        rate = pyro.sample("rate", dist.Gamma(1, 3)) 
        asym = pyro.sample("asym", dist.Exponential(rate)) 
        return asym

Sampling from the prior predictive distribution:

prior_predictive = pyro.infer.Predictive(model, num_samples=100)                                                                                     
prior_samples = prior_predictive()

This generates an internal KeyError:

---> 42             collected.append({site: trace.nodes[site]['value'] for site in return_site_shapes})
     44     if return_trace:

KeyError: 'mu'

This makes sense because the categorical distribution generated a 1 during a run of the model. Fine. For a sanity check, the manual prior predictive distribution is fine:

draws = torch.tensor(list(map(lambda x: model(), range(100)))

gives the expected (strange-looking) prior predictive distribution.

a) Am I doing something wrong here? There is nothing in the documentation about dynamic vs static model structure with Predictive.
b) This seems like a pretty easy fix — just put nan in the dictionary if a KeyError arises when trying to access a sample node that doesn’t exist. Should I submit a pull request or something?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I’m missing something obvious!

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Thanks @dave! Could you make an issue in pyro repository to discuss about this issue? I don’t have a solution for that and I am not sure if using nan is a good solution so it is better to ping other developers there.

Sure, will-do. Thanks for taking a look!