Pyro github seems to pause dev?


sorry, this is not a tech problem. Recently I saw the semi-implicit VI paper on the arxiv, and I want to implement it using pyro. However, the pyro-ppl github seems stopping update for a while?


Hi, are you asking if Pyro is still being actively developed? If so, the answer is yes.

The project has moved to the Linux Foundation and the Pyro team has recently posted two papers about Pyro to the arxiv, one on our enumeration machinery and one on the algorithms underlying our optimal experiment design package. Pyro and PyTorch are pretty stable right now, so we don’t have to spend as much effort on maintenance and a lot of our development activity on a bunch of major new features is happening in other self-contained open source repositories.

These features include a cleanup/refactoring of the optimal experiment design library, NumPy+Jax support, and an experimental new backend library that should significantly expand the sorts of models, inference algorithms and constraints expressible in Pyro. Once they’re mature enough, they’ll migrate into the main repository and Pyro’s internals will be significantly rewritten to support them.


Glad to hear the news. Wish Pyro a good future!