Numpyro equivalent to `for i in pyro.plate`

Is there an equivalent to pyro’s sequential plate in numpyro? I see in numpyro plates are not iterable.

with numpyro.handlers.seed(rng_seed=0):
    for i in numpyro.plate("p", 8):
        numpyro.sample("x_{}".format(i), dist.Bernoulli(0.5))


TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
/tmp/ipykernel_111183/ in <module>
      1 with numpyro.handlers.seed(rng_seed=0):
----> 2     for i in numpyro.plate("p", 8):
      3         x = numpyro.sample("x_{}".format(i), dist.Bernoulli(0.5))
      4     print(x)

TypeError: 'plate' object is not iterable

In NumPyro, you can use

for i in range(8):


… oh yeah

I guess I was expecting a for loop brought to you by NumPyro™™™™

Thank you.