My notebooks about do-calculus toy example, compute MAP and using pretrained pytorch model

Hi community,

I’m currently still a newcomer. Last month I spent time to studying Pyro and found some little aspects haven’t covered much in tutorials. So I wrote these notebooks to help me understand, I’m sharing here If someone need it.


these are great, thanks! it would be great if you considered contributing one of these as a tutorial. i think a simple tutorial on mle/map would be very useful to have!

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Yes, of course, I really want to contribute but I don’t know how. Can you help me @martinjankowiak ? In case you find the notebook on map/mle is not informative enough or could extend it, you could tell me to add or use my notebook to modify into a better informative version and use it as a tutorial as well. I just changed the notebook name to pyro_finding_MAP_MLE.ipynb in the repo.

great @phamtrongthang! the steps would be something like:

  1. create a ipython notebook along the lines of one of the tutorials in /pyro/tutoria/source/ for example svi_part_i.ipynb
  2. start simple, e.g. MLE + MAP for a simple model.
  3. submit a pull request. we can then discuss possible improvements etc.
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Hi, thanks for the detail instruction. I have created a PR here: