Looking for a speaker to talk about Pyro at Bayesian Data Analysis Meetup

Hi All,

I’m looking for a speaker to give a talk about Pyro/NumPyro for the Bayesian Data Analysis Meetup starting Next January.

Here’s a link to our Meetup.

I would like to do an in-person meetup in NYC in January so if you’re in the tri-state area and would like to give this talk let me know and I can work with you around expenses. Also, if you’re interested and far away that’s cool too we can make it more a webinar if that’s the case.

Love the work that’s being done here and would welcome any speaker to give an intro or a series of talks about Pyro!

Also, if interested please reach out to me on here or at my email: brian.parbhu@gmail.com

-Brian Parbhu