Is it possible to specify the size of adaptation windows?

Is it possible to specify the specific length of each of the adaptation parameter (i.e. initial buffer, terminal buffer and windows) in HMC in Numpyro. Please refer the stan documentation link for clarification.

I don’t think so. It seems like only the warmup samples can be specified, and then it automatically calculates the size of the different windows accordingly. Refer to this link for the implemented code.

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Thanks @madhav. Does anyone from Numpyro dev community know if this can be done?

Currently, those numbers are hard-coded in the code. What’s your motivation to expose those settings?

I want to try out experiments with only the matrix adaptation phase which is essentially the window phase. Thus, I wish to reduce the size of initial buffer and term buffer.

I think it might be unnecessary to expose those configs to the user api. Please feel free to update the dev code for your experiments. Or making a PR to move those numbers to a global config in the hmc_util script.