How to track additional losses

In Pytorch we track additional losses. I don’t see an option to do a similar thing in Pyro. How would you recommend doing this?

As an example: Our group developed the tutorial on scanvi - scANVI: Deep Generative Modeling for Single Cell Data with Pyro — Pyro Tutorials 1.8.4 documentation.

Is there any way to include into losses the loss from pyro.sample("x", x_dist.to_event(1), obs=x):

for epoch in range(num_epochs):
        losses = []
        # Take a gradient step for each mini-batch in the dataset
        for x, y in dataloader:
            if y is not None:
                y = y.type_as(x)
            loss = svi.step(x, y)
        # Tell the scheduler we've done one epoch.
        print("[Epoch %02d]  Loss: %.5f" % (epoch, np.mean(losses)))