GLMM Recommendations

I’m getting started with Pyro and am enjoying using it so far. I want to build a GLMM for dataset I have and am looking for recommendations on the best place to start.

I’ve found several of the Pyro resources on GLMMs:

Are these the best places to start or does anyone knows of other good resources?

Specifically, I noticed the pyro.contrib.oed.glmm documentation mentioned that it’s being deprecated for brmp. However, it looks like there hasn’t been much recent activity on brmp.

Is brmp still the “future” or would I be better off following something like the numpyro ucbadmit example and building it manually?

I’d like to use the higher level abstraction from brmp but am open to building it out manually if necessary.

afaik no one is actively working on (or planning to work on) brmp at present. that said, i believe the code that’s there is relatively mature, although i don’t know how much it may have drifted from current pyro/numpyro api. if you want do use hmc your best bet would probably be to build off of relevant numpyro examples.

Thanks…that’s helpful. In that case I may give brmp a try to start.