Get Error when running with "pyro.enable_validation(True)"

  • What tutorial are you running?

  • What version of Pyro are you using?

As title described, I add “pyro.enable_validation(True)” at the head of script, and run with “python”.
I get an error, saying “ValueError: Error while computing log_prob at site ‘topic_words’:”.

However, the original script without “pyro.enable_validation(True)” can run smoothly.

Thanks for suggestions.

Thanks @FreeAJust, that sounds like a real bug. Feel free to open a bug report on Sign in to GitHub · GitHub. We’ll take a look next week.

I open a issue in github : Get error when running with “pyro.enable_validation(True)” · Issue #1703 · pyro-ppl/pyro · GitHub .
Thanks a lot !