Error while installing pocketsphix in python 3.6 using windows


Tried downloading with pip install pocketsphix but i am facing the below errors.

swig.exe -python -modern -Ideps/sphinxbase/include -Ideps/sphinxbase/include/sphinxbase -Ideps/sphinxbase/include/win32 -Ideps/sphinxbase/swig -outdir sphinxbase -o swig/sphinxbase/ad_wrap.c swig/sphinxbase/ad.i
error: command ‘swig.exe’ failed: No such file or directory

Thanks in advance!!


with some googling, you need to install swig. otherwise try downloading the binary and installing directly. note that windows is not an official supported platform for pyro, if you use windows, i recommend installing PuTTY.

edit: you only need this to build the documentation locally. if youre not writing new tutorials or docs, you dont need sphinx.