Contribute to Pyro

Hello Everyone,

I am interested to contribute to Pyro. I am new to Open Source, however, have good understanding of machine learning and Python Programming.

Can anyone please guide me the starting point or some tasks so that I can get started easily and get acquainted with Pyro?

Hi, thanks for your interest in contributing! Please see our examples and tutorials web page for introductory material about Pyro. The minipyro tutorial is a good place to learn about the overall design of Pyro once you’ve understood the basics.

A good way to get started contributing is to look at GitHub issues marked with “help wanted” and “good first issue.” Personally, I would recommend trying to write a new example, perhaps replicating a paper you found interesting or porting an example from another language or framework. Examples and documentation are among the most valuable things contributors can provide to open-source projects and are a great way to learn the ins and outs of the codebase.

If you have other potential contributions in mind that aren’t examples, tutorials, or documentation and aren’t covered by existing GitHub issues, please open a new issue describing your proposal so that it can be discussed. More generally, GitHub’s Open Source Guide has a great introduction to the why and how of contributing to open-source projects like Pyro.

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