Changelog for new (Num)Pyro releases

I would like to congratulate developers on very rapid improvements and extensions to Pyro and Numpyro.

That said, it would be great to know what changed from one version to another, especially as Pyro has reached now v1.0.0. Are there any plans for providing changelog with new releases? If not what would be an option for users to understand in which way the code changed and learn about new features?

Hi, we publish release notes for each new version of Pyro and NumPyro on GitHub along with the releases themselves. You can find the release notes for Pyro at and the release notes for NumPyro at


Well that was stupid of me, but thanks for clarifying. I was looking for changelogs in all the wrong places. I am a priory biased to expect this in the docs, like in other python packages (e.g. numpy, matplotlib).

Hi @pyroman we’ve had others ask this question too, so I guess it would help to have a link in the Thanks for asking!