Best way to obtain a trace of parameters?

I’ve written a simple algorithm for a gmm. I’m wondering what is the best way to obtain a trace of the ‘locs’ and ‘assignments’ parameters? I know I can access pyro.param objects by simply using pyro.param(‘parameter name’), but I’m not so sure how to do this for pyro.sample objects. How can I do this?

def model(data):
    with pyro.plate('components', T):
        locs = pyro.sample('locs', Normal(0, 1))

    with pyro.plate('data', N):
        # Local variables.
        assignments = pyro.sample('assignments', Categorical(torch.ones(T) / T)) # returns a vector of length T
        obs = pyro.sample('obs', Normal(locs[assignments], 1), obs=data)
def guide(data):
    # amortize using MLP
    pyro.module('pi_mlp', pi_mlp)
    # sample mixture components mu
    tau = pyro.param('tau', lambda: Normal(0, 1).sample([T]))
    with pyro.plate('components', T) as i:      
        pyro.sample('locs', Normal(tau[i], 1))
    # sample cluster assignments
    pi = pi_mlp(data.double()) # returns a vector of length T  
    with pyro.plate("data", N):
        pyro.sample("assignments", Categorical(pi)) # returns a vector of length N