Bar progress for multiple chains


I am running my model on multiple chains and I would like to see the bar progress for each chain. I saw that it has been resolved on Github, but I still get this warning. Sorry about the post, it might be very low level question for this forum.

kernel = DiscreteHMCGibbs(NUTS(model, init_strategy=numpyro.infer.init_to_sample))
mcmc = MCMC(kernel, num_warmup=100, num_samples=100, chain_method='parallel', num_chains=3, jit_model_args=True)
samples = mcmc.get_samples(group_by_chain=True)
diagnos = numpyro.diagnostics.summary(mcmc.get_samples(group_by_chain=True))
/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/jax/ UserWarning: We will disable progress bar because it does not work yet on multi-GPUs platforms.
  ans = self.f(*args, **dict(self.params, **kwargs))