The shape of sampled result affected by the obs


I am not sure if this would be a problem in some cases.

Below is the code: Here the shape of obs is [2].

  1. the shape is [2] given my observation
pyro.sample("obs_x_%d" % t,
  1. the shape is [2,1] without giving the observation
pyro.sample("obs_x_%d" % t,


From my view, sample with obs means you finally want to describe how the obs are generated. sample without obs means you want to sample something. It determines the event_shape of the samples.
The shape of samples are affected by the context of pyro.plate, which would determine the batch_shape of the samples.

Sample with obs should not generate new samples from my view. Maybe you can check the source code of the pyro.sample.


Thank you very much for you nice reply. Probably I could just ignore the difference between when with and without the obs. As you said, they means two different things.

I will focus to ensure the event_shape is correct when I am programming.