Florida State University using Pyro


How do I add Florida State University (or our Department) to the list of institutions using Pyro, on the bottom of the page pyro.ai (did not know where to post this question). Thanks.

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i will add you, thanks for being a user of pyro!

We love Pyro. I spent a few months learning it, and I am leading an advanced seminar going through Winn and Bishop’s book on Machine-based machine learning. We look forward to the next version.


Dear Erlebach,

do you have the course material online? I would be highly interested. :slight_smile:

Currently, I try to work through the MB ML book but I am currently stuck at Chapter 2 (see post).

Kind regards


I do not have the course material online or otherwise. This is a seminar. We have students explain concepts of each chapter for us. We had planned to combine this with Pyro programs, but that was too much. If you are stuck with chapter 2, I am happy to include my code again, which is based off of code either in this thread or another in the forum. Note that I am stuck with the verification process using the full dataset. I was about to load my latest version, but it no longer runs, so cannot do so. If you have a question, I will do my best to answer it. I am sorry.