ComposeTransform not working when combining Positive and Ordered Transform

I have the following numpyro code, which uses a transformed distribution to ensure a pair of normally distributed variables are positive and ordered.

(Context: I’m sampling a dataset of N elements, where each element is a pair of points p = (x0, x1) with the constraint that x1 > x0 and x0, x1 > 0. x0 and x1 are each sampled from a mixture model of two clusters. The cluster means/stdevs for x0 and x1 are different, but the cluster assignment is the same.)

def positive_ordered_model(N, pi, x0_prior, x1_prior):
    with numpyro.plate("N", N):
        #i = cluster assignment
        i = numpyro.sample("i", dist.Categorical(jnp.array(pi)), infer={'enumerate': 'parallel'})
        mean_x0 = x0_prior[i, 0]
        mean_x1 = x1_prior[i, 0]
        std_x0 = x0_prior[i, 1]
        std_x1 = x1_prior[i, 1]
        mean = jnp.dstack([mean_x0, mean_x1])
        std = jnp.dstack([std_x0, std_x1])
       #ensure the two elements of p are ordered and positive
        p = numpyro.sample("p", dist.TransformedDistribution(
            dist.Normal(mean, std), 
            transforms.ComposeTransform([transforms.ExpTransform(), transforms.OrderedTransform()])

        #take along last axis, deal with batching and variable number of dimensions
        p0 = numpyro.deterministic("p0", p.take(0, axis=-1))
        p1 = numpyro.deterministic("p1", p.take(1, axis=-1))

I am using a ComposeTransform of ExpTransform and OrderedTransform for this, but it does not seem to do what I want. It seems only one of the above two transforms works, depending on the order in which the transforms are passed.

If I use

transforms.ComposeTransform([transforms.ExpTransform(), transforms.OrderedTransform()])

then all the resulting samples of p are ordered (second element is always bigger than the first element) but not all of them are positive.

If instead I use

transforms.ComposeTransform([transforms.OrderedTransform(), transforms.ExpTransform()])

then all samples of p are positive but not all are ordered.

See this Google Colab notebook for more details - Numpyro ComposeTransform not working for Positive and Ordered Transform

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Could you submit a PR to add a branch here to return positive_ordered_vector when the domain is ordered_vector? Alternatively, you can subclass the transformed distribution and modify the support into positive_ordered_vector.

Created PR #1486

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